what is life


What is life? How did it begin and is continued?

At Cosmic/Macro level:

According to the ancient Hindu shastras and sciences, life was created by union of sentient element called “Purusha” which manifests as “Ävyakta prakruti” with the five basic cosmic elements, “Pancha mahabhootas” Prithvi, Aap, Tej, Vayu and Aakash. This results in generation of biological matters and initiation of life.

According to A. Oparin (1980), a soviet scientist, in pre-historic time (billions of years back) basic organic molecules were formed from basic physio-chemical factors like Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and water. This happened in sea under the combined effect of Solar Ultraviolet & cosmic radiation, electrical discharge, heat, water, shock waves and ultrasonication by the tidal waves. These were the basic molecules like Hydrocarbons, lipids, carbohydrates, basic amino acids. These molecules crystalised and organized in to the basic molecule of life, the DNA, formation of cell wall leading to formation of an independent live entity “the cell”. This is the basic unit of life. A number of such cells came together to form more and more complex multi-cellular organisms. (Illustration-1)

At Micro level: Human Conception:

According to ancient Sankhya Shastra and Charaka Samhita, human conception depends on,

  • Season: Rutukaal of menstrual cycle as well as timing of the intercourse.

  • Field: Uterus, site of implantation, maternal health in general,

  • Water: Supply of nutrition by the mother to the conceptus,

  • Seed: Male and female gametes (Genetic complement, other theological aspects).

When the two gametes unite with Aatma, at the fertilization, under the influence of “Aatma/Purush” to start the life. It becomes “Jeeva” an independent entity. Aatma is described as transcendal self which is omnipresent, ageless, immortal and indivisible. All the specific characteristics and qualities of the embryo are decided in first six days of life. This is followed by formation of basic seven tissues (Dhaatu).

According to the modern medical and genetic sciences, Genomic DNA is the basic blueprint molecule of life residing in each cell of the body. Under it’s influence specific amino acids and protiens are synthesized to carry out various activities of the cell. (Illustration-2) The male and female gametes are formed by halving the Genomic DNA (Haploid). At the time of fertilization the two gamete pronuclear genomic DNA fuse with random exchange of genetic material. This is immediately followed by activation of the embryonic genomic DNA starting the complex process of Embryogenesis. Modern science cannot explain as to how the “life” begins in the embryo and how it acquires soul/mind!

Illustration-1: Initiation of life.


Genomic DNA to Human Body